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    The Myths of Speed Mods

  • By: David P. Pratt
  • In 1987 when I began the research and development of the cowling retro fit for the Piper Comanche I tried to keep the modification as simple and as inexpensive as possible. I wanted to install a new cowling with the existing single exhaust, add full length gear doors and control the engine cooling exhaust air with cowl flaps.
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    Testimonial - Flight in Comanche N829P

  • By: Mike Dolin
  • As I wrote in a previous article, Dave Pratt lent me his Comanche, N8294P, to fly home after a forced landing in mine. 94Pop is the Prototype Comanche that sports the new APP cowl STC'd for the Comanche 180/250/260.

    Dave and I go back a long way together. When he was the SE Tribe Chief, he anointed me the SE Tribe Door Prize Chairman for the duration of his reign. I'm familiar with Dave's airplane as he came to fly-ins
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    Why Not Chrome It?

  • By: Aviation Consumer Magazine
  • Forget the polished aluminum, why not just chrome the spinner and shine on permanently? Because the FAA says you can't and occasionally grounds airplanes with chromed spinners.
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    Fly With the Eagles!

  • By: Keith Flowers
  • Have I ever seen an Eagle in flight? Well, not exactly…but one time when Suzanne and I were with another couple, let me call them Tom & Judy S., from Joliet, IL, we may have seen part of one. Tom just climbed to 10,000’ and we were ready for a great flight to Carlsbad, NM, when suddenly a very large “splat” happened,
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    Dual Exhaust System Conversion for the Comanche 250

  • By: Mike Dolin
  • ...The dual system pipes are smaller in diameter and have fewer bends, but the exhaust flow must still change direction inside the heat muffs. And don’t forget, only one cylinder exhales at a time on an engine, pushing the exhaust along, first from one side, then the other. It will take some real savvy engineering plus some long time measurement to see if any of that really matters...
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